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Personalized private coaching

For those who want to train in their own facilities/groups/solo training center, remotely without the Club's group workouts!


1. Generic plans  : $5/week of training required

Distance Sprint and - (min = 50$/plan)

Olympic distance (min = 75$/plan)

Half Ironman (min = 100$/map)

Ironman (min = $125/plan)



2. Generic plan customizations


Personalization Package: $60/month

1 monthly program update

1 meeting 30min. (phone/email)


Performance Package: $100/month

1 update every 2 weeks

· 2 meetings of 30min. (phone/email)


Premium Package  : $160/month

Weekly updates

· 4 meetings of 30min. (phone/email)



3. Dating  occasional: $50/hr

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