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The DNA of the club

To try. To come true. Go beyond.

At the Elite Triathlon Club, we offer you an approach based on the latest studies and breakthroughs in the field of high-level training to significantly cut training time and obtain better performance! Do less but perform better by focusing on quality VS quantity, that's what it's all about.

We are committed to reconciliation  workouts / family.  We therefore offer a triathlon initiation program for young people respecting the long-term development of the athlete. Parents can therefore train at the same time as their children.

The science of performance

The Elite Triathlon Club offers you an innovative program that eliminates time spent in training zones that yield nothing in terms of physiological improvement.

Above all, a club worthy of the name must give its athletes the necessary tools to know their own work areas in swimming, cycling or running in order to make optimal use of their  training time.


To determine these areas and ensure that they remain relevant, the athlete must be subjected to field tests or laboratory tests several times a year. The Elite Triathlon Club offers you:

• Fitness tests

• Test to determine racing areas (VDOT)

• Test to determine Cycling zones (FTP)

• Test to determine swimming zones (CSS)

Science according to the rules of the art

Whether swimming, cycling or running, a very good part of performance comes from the technical mastery of each sport.  At the Elite Triathlon Club, we give you the tools to perfect the technical aspects of triathlon:

• Workshops and integration of technical training

• Video analysis of each athlete

• Written evaluation of the points to be corrected at each session

• Corrective Action Report

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