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planning  ANNUAL

At the Elite Triathlon club, we divide the year into 4 stages. Each session has its duration and its specific objectives in order to allow each athlete to be ready for their racing season. 

Elite Triathlon Club

Annual planning 2020-2021

Planification annuelle 2020-2021.PNG

Annual block 1 : Preparatory and technical session (12 weeks)

  • Gradual return to post-season training, retention of achievements

  • Work on technical skills and aerobic endurance

  • Cycling, running and swimming tests

Annual block 2 : Winter session - Pre-season  (12 weeks)

  • Maintaining work aerobic endurance

  • Muscular endurance work

  • Develop specific strength

Annual block 3 : Spring session - Specific (12 weeks)

  • More and more specific training

  • Continuation of muscular endurance work

  • Maintenance of low skills

  • training camps

Annual block 4 : Summer session - Competitions (12 weeks)

  • Specific triathlon work

  • periodization work

  • Sharpening work, sequences, bricks

  • Racing strategies and competitions

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